InkPads & Specialty / Industrial Inks

Stamping pads are available in a variety of colours and sizes. They are easily re-inked.



We carry specialty inks used for marking paper, metal, rubber and many other surfaces.

            • Basic inks for non-porous surfaces
            • Waterbased inks for stamp pads
            • Self-inkers and coding machines
            • Stencil inks
            • Oil based and duplicator inks
            • Inks for marking on fabric
            • Inks for marking on food and food
            • Invisible (UV) inks
            • Epoxy based and solvent resistant inks
            • Acid based inks
            • Inks for coding machines and roller
            • Water removable inks for non-porous
            • Miscellaneous dye inks
            • Miscellaneous pigmented inks
            • Thinners
            • Cleaners


Stamp racks are available in several different varieties

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