Business and Custom Stamps



The traditional RUBBER hand stamps are constructed of solid wooden handles and mahogany mounts which make them extremely durable.

These are made with genuine RUBBER printing dies for the best impression.

We also make Rocker Stamps for larger stamping needs and small peg stamps for use in hard to reach places.

Guaranteed against manufacturers defects.


Require no external ink pad, so you just press and stamp! Convenient! These stamps are designed for years of hassle free use.

Guaranteed against manufacturers defects


Completely self contained, Pre-Ink Stamps do not require an ink pad. Just Press and print! You'll get a clear, crisp impression every time.

Lifetime guarantee and easily re-inked.




Daters are available in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.



All stamps are made to order.

We also sell :

~ Signatures & Logos
~ Corporate Seals
~ Imprint and Seal Press

~ Numbering Machines
~ Banking Machine Stamps
~ Cash Register Inkpaks
~ Rubber Logotypes






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